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These are posts regarding reflections and connections between writing and life.

Things to blog about here:
1. How writing and life can intermingle.
2. How life influences writing and vice versa.

Why Do You Write?

It’s a question that stumps a lot of writers and bloggers. Usually, the people who can answer right away are those who are focused on their mission in becoming a writer. But what if you don’t know? What if you just have this “gut” feeling that you want to be one? Is that reason enough to write?

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Changing and Writing About Things You Don’t Know

Finally, I’ll be paid to do what I love: writing.

In a few days, I’ll be a “Creative Writer” for one of the prominent, high tech-focused, blog networks out there. It’s going to be a BIG change for me, as I have been working as an HR Specialist for the last six years. I’m not sure what they’ll have me write or blog about, but I see this as more of a challenge for me.

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Blog About Writing

Find Your Reason to Write

There was a time that memorizing the multiplication table meant you were the best in Math.

Teacher: “Okay, Robert. 2 x 3?”

Robert: “6!”

Teacher: “Good! You’re exempted from the Math surprize quiz I’m giving the class today!”

(That was a different Robert, by the way)

So kids memorized the tables like crazy and hoped that they would be exempted like little Robert back there. However, some had a VERY hard time with it. They actually questioned their parents, the teacher, and the principal on WHY memorizing it was important. Most answered that they need it to pass the subject. Still, they wondered why multiplying 2×3 was important. Looking back now, I wish I had never questioned them at all.

Sometimes, you need to find your own way of knowing things.

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Hello (Blog) World!

I think this title is more appropriate, don’t you think?

I’m currently in the process of making this blog better so you can have an easier and more pleasurable time reading through it.

In the meantime, you can do the following:

  1. Check the Links and RSS FEEDS of the Blogger Sages on my sidebar. They can definitely help you in becoming a better writer or blogger.
  2. You can subscribe to this Feed. I will be writing about writing and blogging topics.
  3. You can visit my “About Me and This Blog” Page and tell me what you think.

See you in four days!