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When Blogging Is Your Job

I’ve haven’t blogged here for a long time because I’ve been hired to blog for It’s a wonderful site for game and gadgets information–I’m into those things as well. You can check my posts out; I’m writing there as Robert S.

I’ve been there for two weeks now and I’ll have to say that¬† everyday seems to be a marathon for me. There’s a certain quota that we need to put up everyday. There would be times that it would just drain all the writing energy in you. I do hope I can practice more of my speed blogging/writing there. The night shift was hard at first, but eventually I was able to adjust to the schedule.

This seems more like a personal post rather than a post about writing. To new writers out there. There are ways to earn money either through writing or blogging. You just need to actively look for them.

I will be posting again as soon as my schedule permits me to do so. Until then, keep on writing!