Prepare to Write

So you’ve found your reason to write, now what?

Visualize the End 

Do you see yourself winning the Pulitzer prize? Are you an editor for one of the top newspapers around? Fill in the blanks. See yourself under successful lights. Now that we see how it will all end, let’s now focus on how to get there.

The Map

Like all journeys, preparation is the key. We’ve got a destination, we need to get a map. In a writer’s world, the map is a written action plan on how to achieve our goals. I have some suggestions that can help you on your way to derafting an action plan.


Read books, blogs, magazines, articles, newspapers, cereal boxes, whatever. Read as much as you can. This way, you’ll know how writers usually do their magic. Also try to learn Speed Reading. This way you can read and absorb more information than usual. Try doing this for a month or so, until you can safely say that you have some sort of grasp on how writers or bloggers draft their artcles.

That’s it for today, read on until the next post in a few days. Happy reading!


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