Why Do You Write?

It’s a question that stumps a lot of writers and bloggers. Usually, the people who can answer right away are those who are focused on their mission in becoming a writer. But what if you don’t know? What if you just have this “gut” feeling that you want to be one? Is that reason enough to write?

Find Your Reason to Write

Most people have asked themselves why they exist on this planet. Some die and still not know. The others make one up as they go through life. I personally believe that we all have a “mission” in life. It changes as we live and breath. After one “mission” has been accomplished, another comes in. So you think your mission in life is to write…

Why do you write?

People give varying answers such as the ones below:

  • To earn a living;
  • To be famous;
  • To be able to communicate a new idea;
  • To communicate with like-minded people;
  • To help others by offering them directions;
  • To give service to the community;
  • To rant.

My reason is simple: I write to help other people in the same boat as I am.I am at a point in my blogging and writing life that I want to learn more about my craft and share it with others.

How Do I Find my Reason to Write?

Go to a silent place and just think. What would writing do for you, and the people around you? Keep it true, don’t censor yourself. If you want to earn money, that’s fine. If you just want to rant on your blog or journal all day, that’s fine as well.

If you don’t get anything at first, give up looking for it. Yes. Give up looking for it. Have you ever lost something and tried your darnest to look for it and fail, only to find it after you gave up? Sometimes, the harder you look the more lost you become. They say the mind works better when relaxed. Try the “incubation” method as well. It works.

Once you’ve found it, it’s time to put it to action. I will be discussing this more in the next post. Until then, write on.


3 responses to “Why Do You Write?

  1. Roberto,
    Nice article. I think if I were to answer your question I would say – I write because I am compelled to do so. It’s in my blood, I guess. Whether anyone else reads it or not does not change that. Although, the fact that I do have readers does serve to encourage me even more. I think that at the base, all writers are great communicators in their own way, they have something to say. Generally too, I think they tend to be more observant and notice nuances in even the smallest things, much more than others. And too, they are questioners and seekers. LOL – I guess I answered the question.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Thank you CW. Writers write for themselves, I guess. Although, external factors does affect them in some sort of way.

    The way you describe writers, it seems that they are a special breed. Let’s hope their tribe increase.

    You’re welcome WC

  3. A simple question but neccesary one. I am still trying to figure out if writing is my “mission”. After years of on and off writing, if there is one thing I know about writing is that writing makes me feel better. I feel a sense of satisfaction which I can only describe as pure elation when I find the right words to my thoughts. When I am down and depress, writing something or anything seems to elevate me from the pit of my mind. Am I crazy? Yet, everyday when I get back from the mechanical drudgery I call work, I always question myself “why do I hate my job so much?”. I want to write but I am unsure whether I can really do it. Sure I blog and rant to release my emotions. But what chance do I really as a ‘real writer? I always doubt myself? I am not smart enough; I don’t have the right credentials or degree. Yet, each time I get a phrase right, it illicit a sense of joy. It is a sense of satisfaction that I never felt in my 10 years flying as a flight attendant.

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