Changing and Writing About Things You Don’t Know

Finally, I’ll be paid to do what I love: writing.

In a few days, I’ll be a “Creative Writer” for one of the prominent, high tech-focused, blog networks out there. It’s going to be a BIG change for me, as I have been working as an HR Specialist for the last six years. I’m not sure what they’ll have me write or blog about, but I see this as more of a challenge for me.

Writing About Things You Don’t Know

There has been an idea going around that one should only write what one knows well. I see the advantage in that. Writing about something that you like or love would be easy and nearly effortless. Unfortunately, it’s not always true. Sometimes, one loves the subject too much that they have a hard time in clicking on “Publish”.

Writing about something you’re alien to can be quite useful! I was once tasked to write about an article about Japan. I’ve never been there, but I’ve been in love with that country’s culture for a long time. So what I did was I researched everything I can about the country. Boom! I found a lot of things to write about. I learned a lot of beautiful things about Japan as well.

Never be afraid of writing about things you don’t know.


2 responses to “Changing and Writing About Things You Don’t Know

  1. Roberto,
    congrats on your new creative writing endeavor! sounds like it will be very exciting. I like the posts, short and sweet – good observations.

  2. Thank you WC.I’m glad you found it exciting as I do. I’m glad you’re enjoyiong the posts.

    I intended them to be short. It allows the reader to breath for a couple of days before I begin a new one.

    I hope to see your comments here again


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