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Find Your Reason to Write

There was a time that memorizing the multiplication table meant you were the best in Math.

Teacher: “Okay, Robert. 2 x 3?”

Robert: “6!”

Teacher: “Good! You’re exempted from the Math surprize quiz I’m giving the class today!”

(That was a different Robert, by the way)

So kids memorized the tables like crazy and hoped that they would be exempted like little Robert back there. However, some had a VERY hard time with it. They actually questioned their parents, the teacher, and the principal on WHY memorizing it was important. Most answered that they need it to pass the subject. Still, they wondered why multiplying 2×3 was important. Looking back now, I wish I had never questioned them at all.

Sometimes, you need to find your own way of knowing things.

A few decades later, I was required by management to develop a training on Business Writing. When I asked why, they said that everyone in the company should know how to write a letter. Everyone? What about the Maintenance personnel, the Drivers, and Messengers? Management says that EVERYONE will be covered in the training. Doing my Training Needs Analysis, I found out that some people don’t see this as important nor useful in their jobs (unless they’re writing a resignation letter). When I reported this to management, they basically said the same thing.

I used my highly effective business writing skills to write a Resignation Letter (after downloading a couple of good samples).

The WHY is more important than the HOW.

Which brings me to why I’m blogging about writing.

Why someone writes is more important than how well someone can draft a letter or a blog post. Even if you have the skills, but you don’t have the heart nor the passion, it won’t work.

I am writing to help myself and others like me to be better writers.

That’s all this blog will be about. I’m not an expert nor an experienced veteran, but I’m sure we can HELP EACH OTHER. I believe that as individuals we may have a hard time learning, but with each other’s help–I know we can do it.

So let’s find our own way of knowing things, shall we?


2 responses to “Blog About Writing

  1. Sounds good. I’m ready and willing to offer advice – and probably ask some questions – at this blog.

    Nice simple design, by the way.

  2. Easton,

    Thank you for coming and commenting. Any sort of advice or question is welcome here.

    I’m glad you noticed the design. I purposely chose this design because it was simple and clean. I want to make the novice writers and bloggers focus more on content rather than the “blings”.

    I hope to see you around some more!

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